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The best device to detect rough gold

The best device to detect rough gold

The  best  device  to  detect  rough  gold

The best device to detect rough gold offer the best performance and ability to find smallest gold nuggets or granules and comes at reasonable price also. 

Gold Detector Technology

The best device to detect rough gold works using electromagnetic technologies and often VLF or very low frequency technology .

In this case the device use a dish shaped search coil with included two built-in coils usually made of copper , first one for transmitting electromagnetic signal generated by flow of electric current inside the coil and other coil used for receiving incoming signals that result from hitting the sent signal with metal object underground and convert them into an audio tone or digital number called Target ID which display on screen of the device.

Rough Gold Detectors Examples

There are a lot of gold detectors for rough gold detection from many companies from different countries such as Minelab , Nokta Makro , Fisher ,

and Garrett Minelab devices such as :gold

Gold Monster 1000 , GPX 4500 , GPX 5000 , GPZ 7000

Fisher Labs devices such as : Fisher Gold Bug , Gold Bug Pro, F75..

Nokta Makro devices like Gold Kruzer – Impact – Fors Gold plus.

The best device to detect rough gold

In this paragraph we present some of the best gold ore detectors for rough gold from different brands

Gold Monster 1000 (Minelab)

It is a best first entry device recommended for ore gold detection, it is easy to use and simple to operate and comes at great price , perfect for beginner gold prospectors and any new comers.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro (Fisher Labs)

It is a high quality device for rough gold detection, feature a great sensitivity for smallest gold nuggets , economic price , auto ground balance , iron ID and many features for gold detection.

GPX 5000 ( Minelab)

GPX 5000 is a most trusted natural gold detector in the world , and that have been proved by experts and customers in most countries a s it is most sold gold detector in Africa. It feature a great sensitivity and ground balance controls and many other features that offer best performance to find gold nuggets .

Gold Kruzer (Nokta Makro)

Latest technology for gold ore detection , work using 61 kHz frequency a perfect choice for detection of small gold nuggets , it comes with preset modes and Target ID feature and easy to use and operate.

Garrett ATX ( Garrett)

It is a powerful device to detect rough gold and offer great performance in all terrain and conditions and comes with tough design suitable for heave-duty use in all gold ore fields.

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