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GR 3 Plus .

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Conrad gr 3 plus metal detector; it is an underground imaging device that detects differences under the ground and allows you to make 3D analysis.

What Does Conradgr 3 plus detector do?

What does Conrad gr 3 plus detector do? Coming to the question, the new generation underground imaging system has been specially developed for deep searches. It has the opportunity to easily detect targets at depths that other systems cannot reach in any environment.
With its wireless compact design, it makes work easier in field conditions. It allows you to detect metallic objects, spaces, tunnels, structures under the ground.

Conrad gr 3 plus detector features

  • With the Conrad gr 3 plus metal detector, graphic images of structures such as caves, cellars, tunnels, tombs, and shelters are reported. With this device, which allows metals to be detected, you can reach depths and details that other detectors cannot reach. Thanks to its filtering feature, it enables the sieving of minerals by using the mineral sieving feature. Conrad GR3 Plus Detector holds the title of being a fast, convenient, and portable system that can be easily used by amateur and professional users.
  • It does not have any cables or heavy batteries. Thanks to its lightweight design, the user scans the ground, and the data received during the scanning is instantaneously (real-time) and the results appear on the screen of a mobile device such as a tablet or phone.
  • The results on the screen can be analyzed immediately after the scanning and measuring process is finished.
  • You can store the received data on your mobile devices such as tablets or phones and evaluate them in detail when necessary.
  • It is a light and compact metal detector.
  • It is easy to use survey data representing the target area in 3D visualization to find deep treasure.
  • The GR3 Plus is designed in the shape of a stick for easy ground clearance and data storage.
    Measure the ground measurements and send them for visualization as 3D graphics via a 3D analysis app, providing prospectors with detailed information.
  • Tools for analyzing data and knowing all the details of the buried treasure, such as the type of metal, its size and depth, as it is considered an underground treasure detector.
  • Equipped with trusted global imaging scanning equipment by professional treasure hunters.
  • In addition to those great features included in the GR-3 GR3 Plus, it is also available at a great price that is suitable for all novice or hobbyist prospectors.

The gr 3 plus has different models

  • The gr 3 plus product is available in two different models; GR-3 and GR-3 Plus.
  • GR-3 model; has a high precision single sensor system (CN-S Sensor).
  • The gr 3 plus model is; It has two high-precision sensors (Dual) systems (CN-D Sensor). Thus, you can penetrate more deeply and obtain higher resolution data.

Detection Modes

The gr 3 plus ground scanner has many different detection modes that are suitable for specific metal detection applications. The built-in detection modes are:

3D Ground Scan Mode

  • It is the most used detection mode for ground scanning and data visualization graphically via the GR-3 PLUS analysis app.
  • The scanning process can be performed either in automatic modes (automatic) by the device or manually.
  • The user presses a button at each scanning point.

Live scanning mode

Used to quickly scan the area to find potential targets, it represents the survey data in real-time.
As a two-dimensional stream of colors that change based on the type of target, the probe is passing over.

Pinpointer Mode

Used to identify potential buried metal objects while digging (usually after using the ground scanning mode to discover the target).

Conrad gr 3 plus detector technical specifications

  • Maximum depth: 15 m Depth
  • Working frequency: from 10uT to 500uT
  • Micro USB: 5V working voltage
  • 3D Ground Monitoring Software: Android, Apple, and Windows operating systems
  • Device processor: 128MHz
  • 3D Analysis Application: There is a Conrad GR-3 analysis App for Samsung and iPhone systems, where you can download the application to your phone and then connect it to the GR3 Plus.
  • Language: The GR3 Plus works in more than 20 languages, including Arabic, English, Turkish, German, French and many other languages.
  • Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
  • Operating temperature: 0ºC - 70ºC
  • Storage conditions: -20ºC - 60ºC
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Size: 810 x 70 x 70 mm
  • Charge input voltage: 5 Volts – 2 A
  • 10-bit ADC Resolution
  • Smart Conrad Technology Production Dual Sensor
  • Technical Features
    • BrandGround Tech
    • Depth15 Meters
    • Guarantee3 Years
    • Made InTurkey
    • Why GR 3 Plus

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