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Infinity Max Pro metal detector is the most comprehensive and powerful metal detector in terms of metal detection technologies and detection tools available in the device, which cover a variety of metal detection applications that include the detection of deep treasures, gold prospecting , underground cavities and tunnels detection and many practical applications. Mega Detection offers, through Infinity Max Pro, a practical and multi-purpose multi-systems metal detector and 3D ground scanner with 12 search systems that provides integrated and multiple solutions for different categories of professional treasure hunters, archaeological treasure seekers, and even mineral exploration companies. Infinity Max Pro integrates all metal detection technologies in one device through a complete set of different probes and sensors and coils that include completely new search technologies with a modern, advanced multilingual software program that provides the user with a smooth and easy experience when choosing different search systems and adjusting their settings and watching the visual representation of all search systems via the device screen or via the Multi Visual Analyzer app on any Android tablet.



  • Infinity Max Pro is all in one multi-purpose multi-systems solution for professional treasure hunters that combines 3D ground scanner, electromagnetic metal detector, gold detector and geo-physical device in one package.
  • 12 Search systems that includes all metal detection technologies with latest developments.
  • Powerful probes and detection tools including : I.M.T.U , V.S.T , M.G.S and PS50,PS36,PS28 search coils.
  • Modern ergonomic design that combines light weight and aesthetics of look and suitability for long real-life use in the search fields and made of high-quality materials, which provides the user with a comfortable user experience.
  • Powerful new 3D ground scanning technology via Multi Ground Scanner (M.G.S) probe that guarantee more accurate results through larger area coverage and visualization of scan data on device’s screen or on a tablet .
  • Multi Visual Analyzer app a powerful multilingual 3D visualization and analysis app used to display 3D visualization of scan data as multi-color 3D graphics with tools that help prospector to know detailed info about targets like type, position and depth.
  • Enhanced long-range locator metal detection technology with improved detection performance , wider scan range up to 3000 m , more depth range that reach 50 meters.
  • 3 Long Range Locator (LRL) systems including : Auto LRL , Manual LRL , CTRL LRL with a lot of options to customize the search process and visual indicators on device screen.
  • Pulse induction system through large PS50 search coil with performance-enhanced technology for more depth reach of buried metal targets and gold.
  • Smart detect system with two modes via PS36 and PS28 search coils to find smallest metal objects such as coins, small relics and tiniest gold nuggets.
  • Powerful Geophysical system that use a geological-electric measurement of ground resistivity by using wedges that planted into ground, based on resistivity values the device can determine and locate different target types including cavities such as caves, tunnels, chambers, in addition to different metal types like gold, silver, copper and others.
  • Special Tunnel system used to detect underground cavities and structures like tunnels, caves, chambers, graves and cellars.
  • An integrated feedback system that combines sound through audio tones, light via V.S.T LED Bars and visualization on screen or tablet to provide the prospector with a comprehensive view of the potential discovered targets and complete information about them.
  • A high-definition color LCD screen with a relatively large size (5 inch) that ensures easy to adjust settings, read numbers clearly and see results visually comfortably.
  • Modern easy to use program available in 12 international languages, taking into account the latest developments in the field of user experience, allowing easy adjustment of search settings, selection of search systems and search programs, adjusting distances and depths, and viewing results visually.
  • Infinity Max Pro is operated via an external lithium-polymer battery located in a distinctive designed box, the battery can be recharged and guarantee a long period of operation .
  • Infinity Max Pro Features


    All Metal Detection Technologies in One Device

    Infinity Max Pro is the most comprehensive and integrated device in terms of providing all the technologies

    for searching for minerals that were reached through a set of ground scan probes, sensors and search coils that provide

    the prospector with everything he needs to find and detect treasures and excavate antiquities.

    Infinity Max Pro includes the following search tools:


    It is the probe that is used to conduct a 3D ground scan of the ground area in search of metal targets and potential treasures,

    through included patented ground scan technology and includes the advantage of covering a larger area when scanning at each scan

    point through four built-in sensors, which guarantees the prospector shortening time and effort, and ensuring a more accurate result

    compared to point scanning probes.


    INFINITY MAX PROmulti ground scanner

    IMTU (Intelligent Multi Transceiver Unit)

    This probe is a unit whose mission is to send high-frequency electromagnetic waves in the direction in which the user is searching,

    these signals intersect with the electromagnetic fields emitted by the underground metal targets and turn into reflected signals that

    are received through the antennas, and the signal after processing is converted into digital signals.


    INFINITY MAX PROIMTU (Intelligent Multi Transceiver Unit)

    VST (Vertical High Signal Transceiver)  

    It is a probe that picks up signals resulting from magnetic fields from various buried metal targets (precious such as gold and ferrous such as iron, for example).

    The probe is characterized by the presence of a quadrilateral cone at its end containing a rows of light buttons (LED)

    on two sides of it that illuminate in different colors according to the received signals and the nature of the target

    (example: the LEDs light up in red if the V.S.T probe passes over a metal target such as gold or copper).

    The signals captured through the sensor are converted into digital signals that are processed and displayed on the device screen

    or the tablet screen in the form of a colored chart that reflects the nature and type of metal of the potential target.

    VST (Vertical High Signal Transceiver)  

    Search Coils (PS50, PS36, PS28)

    The device includes 3 different-sized search coils that work with improved pulse induction technology with a search system

    that matches each coil. The coils provide outstanding performance in various detection applications in search of targets of different size

    and depth of gold, jewelry and ancient coins.


    12 Search System

    Infiniti Max Pro is the first device in the world that was released that includes various search technologies through 12 diverse

    systems with detailed options and visual representation that ensures the prospector the most accurate results to detect all targets underground.

    The device includes a long-range scanning technology to detect targets from a distance and to great depths through a special LRL systems,

    as well as a sophisticated 3d imaging ground scanning technology with visualization on the screen or through a special application on the tablet,

    plus improved pulse induction technology and unique ionic field detection technology.




    The twelve search systems provide multiple ways to search for various types of metal targets and ancient and archaeological treasures

    at different and large depths. The appropriate search system can be used for the purpose of the search, more than one search system can be used to

    ensure the confirmation of the presence of targets and the accuracy of the results.

    The device includes the following search systems:

    1 – Ground Scan System

    It is a powerful and accurate 3D imaging system and the first of its kind in Mega Detection devices.

    The deep scanning of the ground is performed through Multi Ground Scanner or M.G.S for short.

    The scanner includes a relatively large scanning surface that ensures coverage of larger area of ​​ground when perform

    scanning at each scanning point, thus making the scanning process faster for a large area compared to the point probes

    available in traditional ground scanners.

    To conduct a ground scan, the process can be controlled and the results can be viewed either via the device screen or via any

    supported Android tablet through Multi Visual Analyzer app.


    1 – In the case of choosing the first option (on the device), the device will provide, via its screen, the ability to adjust the scan settings

    according to the screens that appear sequentially, namely:

    • Scanning Mode

    present how to perform the scanning process, either manually by recording each scan point manually

    or automatically by the device according to a specific time or a certain distance.


    • Scanning Path

    There are two options available, the first of which is a one-way (parallel) scanning line,

    including a spacing (usually 30 cm) or an alternating path, meaning that the next scan line starts at the end

    of the previous line while leaving a spacing.


    • Width & Height

    These values ​​express the method for dividing the scan area to be scanned with MGS,

    as the area is theoretically divided into cells, the number depends on the number of Width (number of Scan Lines)

    and Height ( number of Scan Points in every line) . For example, in the case of choosing 4 for width and 5 for height,

    there will be 20 cells for the scan area.


    • Start Point

    It presents the point from which the scan is started, there are two options to start from the right

    (the lower right corner of the rectangular scanning area) or start from the left (the lower left corner)

    Start Point

    After adjusting the previous settings, the results screen is displayed and includes a rectangular area divided into cells according to

    the scan lines (width) and scan points (height) previously specified, as each cell represents one scanning point, and with the scanning

    by the user, each cell is filled with a specific color according to the area that the scanner passes over, and each color has a specific indication,

    Example: The blue color represents a void, and the yellow color is a precious metal … etc.


    The results screen also contains three rectangular indicators in three colors that express the percentage of the presence of each type of targets

    within the specified cell, and these indicators are: the red indicator indicates the proportion of ferrous (magnetic) metals – yellow indicates

    the percentage of precious metals (non-magnetic) – the blue the percentage of cavity.

    A numeric value representing the target type is also displayed, and also the target depth value within the specified cell.


    2 – In the case of tablet the search and scanning settings that were previously detailed are controlled similarly through Multi Visual Analyzer

    that enable to set same settings, the scanning is done via the M.G.S scanner and the scanning results are displayed on the tablet screen

    within the application, and here the scanning data is represented in the form of a 3D drawing. In multiple colors, the drawing expresses

    the structure of the scanned ground and its contents of different targets (minerals – natural ground – spaces and tunnels – gold boxes …)

    and each type has a different color similar to the above (blue for voids, yellow for metals …).

    Multi Visual Analyzer gives the prospector more accurate possibilities to analyze the detected targets and know detailed information such as the metal type,

    depth and location within the scan area.


    2 – Manual Long Range System / MANUAL LRL /

    To use this system, the user must install the I.M.T.U as well as the antennas.

    The manual system means the possibility of adjusting the long-range scanning settings manually according to the user’s preferences, before actually conducting the search.

    Here are the settings that can be adjusted:

    • Target Type (Metal)

    The type of metal of the targets to be searched can be set from a list that includes search programs for all types of metals like:

    Gold – silver – copper – iron – diamonds – platinum – bronze …

    Manual LRL Target

    • Front Scan Range (Distance)

    It is the distance that expresses the maximum range that the device scans for different targets and can be set according to specific values

    within the range from 0 to 3000 meters (250 – 500 – 750 – 1000 – 1250 – 1500 – 1750 – 2000 – 2250 – 2500 – 2750 – 3000 m)

    Manual LRL Distance

    • Maximum Search Depth (Depth)

    This value specifies the maximum depth to search for targets within it through the current search settings, and can be set in the 0 to 50 meters range.

    Manual LRL Depth

    After setting the previous options, the device searches for targets within the selected scanning field and depth,

    the search screen appear that displays a compass-shaped indicator whose pointer points to the direction of the device (north or south …)

    and also displays within the same screen a semicircular indicator that expresses the direction of movement of the two antennas, as the direction of

    the cursor changes according to their movement when searching.

    Manual LRL Scan

    Among the important features that allow the user to correctly adjust the angle of inclination of the device with respect

    to the horizon is the gradient tilt indicator on the right of the screen, the green color indicates the correct acceptable values ​​

    and the red color for the wrong values ​​of the inclination angle.

    3 – Automatic Long-Range System / AUTO LRL /

    The IMTU unit, as well as the antennas, are used to search for signals of potential targets within the scanning field.

    The difference from the manual long-range system is that in the automatic system, the device performs a fully automatic scan in search of

    potential metal targets within the search range.

    So, the user only has to choose the system from the list and the device will scan and update the data on the display screen automatically

    so that it includes automatically leading the user towards the target location, and the user can choose to show the following options

    from the screen (in the form of tabs):

    • Target type

    Here, the metal type of the buried target is shown as an example:

    Gold – silver – copper … etc.

    • Distance

    This value represents the estimated distance, i.e. the device’s distance from the possible target position, for example 30 – 50 meters

    • Target Depth

    It presents an approximate value of the depth of the detected target within the scanning area, for example 5 meters.

    Auto LRL Depth Distance

    • Tracking Target (Direction)

    It is an indicator displayed with a pointer indicating the possible direction that the user

    should follow to reach the target buried underground


    4 – Control Long Range System[Custom Frequency] / CTRL LRL /

    This system provides an unprecedented feature in long-range metal detectors as it enables the user to control the frequency

    of searching for different metals, i.e. allocating the frequency value accurately to detect a specific type of metal, for example

    gold – copper or any other metal alloys.

    The user can adjust a set of related settings before performing the search process, namely:

    • Soil Type

    Soil type refers to the nature of the soil in the land being searched, and predetermined soil types can be chosen:

    Rocky soil – sandy soil – clay soil – moist soil …etc.


    • Search frequency

    Here, the search frequency value is precisely adjusted according to the type of metal to be found within a specific frequency

    range (the frequency value is measured in MHz)

    CTRL LRL Frequency

    • Distance

    In addition to the frequency, the scan distance can be set in the forward direction by choosing a value from predefined values

    ​​within the range 0 to 3000 meters (250 – 500 – 750 – 1000 – 1250 – 1500 – 1750 – 2000 – 2250 – 2500 – 2750 – 3000 m)

    CTRL LRL Distance

    • Depth

    To limit the search for targets within a specific search depth, the value is set here by choosing a value within the range between 0 to 50 meters

    CTRL LRL Depth

    After setting the previous settings, the user can start searching and the device will move to the target tracking screen,

    which includes the semicircular indicator that represents the direction of movement of the antennas (explained earlier).

    5 – Ionic system / IONIC /

    The Ionic System includes a completely new search technology to search for signals from ionic fields resulting from long-buried metal

    targets thanks to the previously mentioned IMTU.

    This unit ensures receiving ionic field signals with greater accuracy, with the ability to control some signal settings to reach accurate results,

    and after capturing the signals, they are digitally processed inside the device.

    After starting the search by the user, the following information is displayed on the screen:

    • Signal strength indicator

    This indicator is a bar graph with a gradient bar that varies in terms of length and color according to the strength of

    the captured signal related to the target distance, the nature of the terrain, and other factors.

    • Signal Sensitivity Indicator

    It is a circular indicator that displays the signal sensitivity as a percentage value, for example 60%, and this value can be changed by the user

    • Signal Gain Indicator

    It is a circular indicator similar to the previous one that represents the signal strength according to a value

    represented as a percentage between 0 – 100% and can also be adjusted.

    IONIC Target Found

    6 – Bionic System / BIONIC /

    This search system is very similar to the Ionic Search System as it uses the same I.M.T.U

    for conducting searches and work in similar way.

    But the difference here is that the search is directed according to predefined signals that are captured by directing the I.M.T.U

    towards a target made of a metal, for example gold or silver, and in this case the search unit will only capture similar signals

    and ignore other ion field signals.

    In other words: in the ionic search system, the search is random and free to search for any kind of targets. In the bionic system,

    the search is directed according to predefined signals, and this is better and faster for the prospector.

    Likewise, the search screen displays the same previous options:

    • Signal Strength indicator
    • Sensitivity Indicator
    • Gain Indicator

    It has the same functions that were explained in the ionic system.

    Bionic Target Found

    7 – Live Stream System

    This system is an advanced scanning system that measures the changes in magnetic fields via a high-vertical transmitter and receiver unit or V.S.T.

    The sensor is moved after being installed vertically on the ground and the sensor picks up the signals of any metal target

    present under the ground, whether it is magnetic metal such as iron or precious metal such as gold and copper.

    The probe contains at its conical end, on either side, a group of colored LED lights that change their lighting according to

    the type of target, as it lights up in red, for example in case of the target that the probe passes over it, is a precious metal, such as copper or gold.

    Live Stream Scan

    The signals of the magnetic fields captured on the device screen can be represented directly in the form of a continuous color flow that changes

    color depending on the type of metal that the sensor passes over, where green represents normal soil, yellow color is metal and red color is gold

    The user can also choose to represent the signals on the bundled tablet through the installed application (android app), where it displays a changing color

    gradient similar to the chart on the screen with the same color legends.

    8 – Pinpointer System /PINPOINTER/

    This system is used to perform a fast, accurate and direct scan through the V.S.T, as it measures the changes in the magnetic field

    in a region and displays on the device screen a curve that is in the case of receiving metal signals consisting of rectangles facing upwards

    of different lengths gradient from green to red in the middle at the maximum values ​​and then gradient green with lower values ​​on both sides of the chart.

    In the case of receiving signals of spaces – such as a tunnel or a basement – the curve consists of rectangles facing downward

    of varying lengths gradient from green to dark blue in the middle at maximum values, and then gradient towards green with lower values ​​on both sides

    On the screen of the device, it is possible to control some values ​​that affect the scanning process, such as the value of sensitivity and ground balance.

    Pin Pointer Blue Pin Pointer Red

    9 – Pulse Induction System / PULSE INDUCTION/

    The pulse induction technology built into the device is a technology specially developed with better performance features to detect

    all kinds of ferrous metals such as iron and non-ferrous metal such as gold, silver and copper to relatively greater depths thanks to

    the PS50 search coil (Double D search coil, diameter 50 cm), which is suitable for detecting different targets such as coins and gold jewelry

    such as bracelets, rings, and even relatively large metal objects at a depth of about 2-3 meters.

    The captured signals represent as curved shape of changing colors on the device screen, and through the color indications and accompanying

    audio feedback, the user can discriminate the type of target detected.

    In this system, the following options can be set:

    • Ground Balance

    This option provides ground balancing according to the terrain in the search area, this is done by pressing the OK button once

    while keeping the PS50 search coil parallel to the ground until the process is complete, it is important to perform ground balancing

    before starting the search.

    • Threshold

    This option can control the audio threshold of the received signals, which can be set according to the user’s preference,

    either to hear the faintest of faint signals coming from very small targets or to ignore it to focus on hearing the signals of larger targets.

    The user can set the value between 1 and 6.

    • Gain

    This setting refers to the option that controls the sound volume of received signals, located at greater depths

    (deep, not shallow targets), which can be set within a range of values ​​from 1 to 6, the higher number corresponding to higher volume.

    • Sound

    This option adjusts the tone of the sound settings, it is possible to choose between several levels of tone,

    and by changing them, the visual representation of the signals on the results screen changes.

    The results screen displays a color-changing curve graph that changes according to the target the PS50 search coil passes over

    and the bottom of the graph displays two indicators that light up depending on the type of target detected (ferrous or non-ferrous).

    Pulse induction graph

    10 – Smart Detect System / SMART DETECT/

    Smart Detect system is an acoustic detection system via search coils (PS36 and PS28) with two detection modes corresponding

    to each coil, which provide high sensitivity to detect small metal targets such as small gold nuggets and coins at small depths.

    The smart detection system has been developed with a unique detection technology in terms of features and discrimination

    between metals that guarantees the best performance in all types of terrain and soils with ease of switching to the appropriate

    mode for the size of the targets and the purpose of the search.

    When performing a search using the smart detection system, there are two sub modes that correspond to each search coil:

    Smart Detect Menu

    1 – Mode1 / PS36

    To use this mode, the PS36 search coil [oval-shaped coil with a diameter of 36 cm] is installed to detect metal targets, the device

    displays a screen that includes indicators and buttons through which the detection settings



    PS36 MODE

    options can be set as follows:

    • Calibration

    By selecting this option, the user can perform a coil calibration before starting the search, to get more accurate results.

    • Detection mode

    The detection mode is selected by activating one of the three buttons corresponding to the detection mode:

    1 – All Metal

    It is a general detection mode, by activating it the device can receive signals from targets made of

    ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

    2 – Non-Ferrous

    By activating this detection mode, the device filters the signals to receive only the signals of non-ferrous

    metal targets such as gold, silver and copper, which means that the device ignores the signals of targets

    made of ferrous materials. INFINITY MAX PRO

    3 – Ferrous

    This detection mode is opposite to the previous mode, where the device receives signals from ferrous targets only,

    such as iron, and ignores the signals of other metals.

    • Sound

    The sound that comes out through the internal speaker of the device is enabled by activating this option or not,

    and muting the sound is useful for the prospector in the event that he wants to know the type of target through

    the digital indicator on screen without hearing the sound, as is the case in places where there is noise or audio interference

    due to the terrain or soil type.


    • Digital Target ID Indicator

    It is a circular digital graphic indicator that displays in the center of the circle a number called the digital target identifier

    (or Target ID) ​​corresponding to a specific type of metal such as gold, meaning there is a certain number that corresponds

    to the detection of a target of gold and so on.

    On both sides of the circle there are two symmetrical semicircular indicators consisting of bars that are gradually colored

    from bottom to top according to the target signal strength and according to the preset detection mode.

    In the case of all metal detection mode, the left semicircular indicator is activated only if the target is non-ferrous (like gold)

    and gradient with gradient colors from yellow to red, but in the case of a ferrous target, only the right indicator is activated

    and the color gradient is from green to blue.

    In the case of non-ferrous metal detection mode, the two indicators are activated together with gradient colors from yellow to red

    (the number of enabled bars and their color depends on the strength of the captured signal).

    In the case of ferrous metal detection, the two indicators are activated in gradual colors from green to blue, according to the signal strength.

    • Acoustic Threshold

    This option can control the audio threshold of the received signals, and the user can set it using a vertical indicator with values ​​from 1 to 6,

    a higher threshold value corresponds to hearing weaker signals e.g. those coming from very small gold nuggets.


    1 – Mode2 / PS28


    To use this mode, the PS28 search coil [28 cm diameter search coil] is installed to detect smaller metal targets.

    Two vertical indicators on the two sides of the screen and a graphical and digital indicators in the middle are displayed on the system results screen.

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