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Deciding to buy a gold and metal detector may be a difficult decision for many prospectors and hobbyists, especially beginners, but after you see the Inspector, you will realize that it is the perfect choice to start feasible searches and exploration culminating in impressive and unprecedented results, The inspector 900 plus has a lot of features and specifications that really make it your first choice. Detecting gold and treasures is not an easy task, but with this wonderful device, it will be very fun and easy. It contains a global remote sensing system with a 360-degree detection angle and an integrated advanced voice verification system that gives confirmation of the location of the target through an interactive user interface that gives you aural and visual results on a high-resolution color screen.

inspector 900 plus

The device gives you verification to depths of up to 25 meters underground, and detects a front distance of up to 1250 meters, all this and more in a small device, easy to carry and light in weight, so it will indeed be the best and best choice for every prospector and treasure hunter with actual and real guarantee.

Note: This device is considered an exclusive and special version for the company Prizum Technology, and our company is the main provider for the sale and distribution of this device. This product is provided and manufactured by the MWF International Group and through its German research center.

Features and characteristics :

  • The INSPECTOR 900 PLUS for gold and metal detection works on an advanced remote sensing system that emits precise frequency waves loaded at high voltages that give great accuracy in the detection results, this system is also integrated with the acoustic radar verification system, which provides multiple results.
  • Equipped with a high-precision radar sensor with high-sensitivity sensors.
  • It is operated by a high-resolution color screen that gives the user quick and easy control over the search settings and features.
  • Total control of display properties, volume control – screen brightness control – language settings control.
  • The device specializes in searching and prospecting for gold and metals gives the explorer the feature of determining the type of target to be searched for in advance. There are several options: Gold – Silver – Copper – Bronze – Aluminum – Lead – Iron – Diamonds – Caves and Voids.
  • It finds targets up to a depth of 650 meters with the feature of pre-determining the required search depth: 1 m – 3 m – 5 m – 7 m – 10 m – 15 m – 20 m – 25 m.
  • Up to a front search distance of 2000 meters with the feature of pre-determining the search distance: 50 m – 100 m – 250 m – 500 m – 750 m – 1000 m – 1250 m.
  • The Inspector 900-Ultra is equipped with high-definition laser that help determine the search path at night.
  • The device is equipped with a feature of accurate adjustment of the frequency value, which gives the user the ability to check the target location and its quality very accurately.
  • 360-degree search and detection feature, giving you quick and easy movement towards targets.
  • High quality and durability are one of the most important features available in this device, as it is manufactured entirely from the best materials and plastics and works on highly efficient electronic processors.
  • Go to complete the exploration operations with confidence, as the device gives the user 12 hours of continuous work without interruption.
  • The device is equipped with internal built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with long life and optimum efficiency.
    • Technical Specifications

    Detect for Search for precious metals Underground.
    Detection System Long Range Locator System, the system detects the energy levels of Electrostatic field around the target
    Operating processor MICROCONTLLER PIC18 & ARM 7
    Processing procedures Digital signal processing, to receive the energy of the electrostatic fields formed around the target,
    and the processing of radar signals to receive multiple data.
    Depth of search program 25 m
    Distance of search program 1250 m
    Automatic and intelligent guidance system Yes, through the graphical interface indicating the locations and direction of the target
    Voice alerts YES
    Power 3 Li-Ion 3.7v Cells equal 11.1 v
    Battery working hours 12 working hours
    Display Type TFT Color Monitor 3.5” inch, 48Mhz, CDMA GPU
    Operating temperature From °15 C to °60 C
    Storing temperature From °15 C to °40 C
    Humidity It can be stored and operated at the average air humidity level


    of %5 to %80.

    Device weight 1.25 KG with the case
    Device dimensions 19 x 12 x 5.5 cm
    case dimensions 40 x 33 x 17 cm


    Parts and accessories

    • Main control unit
    • Carry handle
    • Transmitting and receiving antennas
    • Radar Sensor
    • Electric charger
    • Carry bag and save the device
    • 3-year warranty card
    • User manuals.

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