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Optional element titleKlayzer Technology Metalldetector

Klayzer Technology Metalldetector

Best Metal Detector for Gold Types :

Klazyer GR Pro

How to Choose Best Metal Detector for Gold?

Determining the best metal detectors for gold is a not an easy matter because there is no device with

perfection in either features or performance, and most devices offers different options.

However, it is possible to identify some of the factors or features that can be guided to choose the best detector for gold

Maximum Search Depth

Maximum search depth factor is very important when determining the best metal detector,

knowing that the maximum depth depends on device search technology and other factors.

Best metal detector for gold of course must meet the needs of the prospector and

how many meters underground will be their golden targets.

Best Metal Detector for Gold

The best gold detector is the device that meet best features in the above-mentioned points,

but having a perfect device is difficult but you can choose the best device by taking advantage

of the experience of previous prospectors and their real life tests and make extensive research online or by asking people interested in the field Gold detection.

Klayzer Technology Metalldetector


Metal detector performance is a major issue when determining the best device because the buyer expects his device to detect

gold and high performance in various circumstances and if not achieved it will be a waste of money and effort.

The issue of the performance of the device includes its suitability for working in different natural terrain such as desert and rocky terrain, on the shores of the seas, etc.

For the discovery of natural gold, the important features of the device sensitivity to detect the smallest nuggets of gold.

Best Metal Detector for Gold Types :

klazyer gr pro gold detector is a professional long range gold detector made in Germany by famous company klazyer technology .

However it comes with unique longerange technology, which offers the best results for professional prospectors

gold searchers and treasures hunters.

klazyer gr pro is based on a special measuring probe by its three-dimensional imaging technology,

'which can measure the magnetic fields produced by the underground buried objects at a particular point,

then takes multiple measurements of points distributed within a rectangular area.



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Albert Bulala
01 May 2023 om 21:20
Hallo, I hatte interesse von Klayzer Gr Pro und Nokta Makro Deep Hunter 3D, von die beide metall detektors welsche ist besser und Gut