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Long-range System DeviceforDetecting Underground water and artesian  wells


The latest device to detect underground water and artesian wells.

FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM: a device with multiple features searching underground water and artesian wells: - Freshwater Search system -

Natural water search system -This version is also characterized by several functions: It operates in four different languages: (German – English – French, and Arabic). You can choose the required range by adjusting the extent by the control key the choices for the range of the device (500 meters) or (1000 meters) or (1,500 meters) or (2000) meters perpendicular.


1.Long range system:

After settings the parameters and starting the process of detection: the device will start to send and receive special frequencies to detect the target type that you chose from the list.

When the device receives a signal, it will automatically track the signal toward the target, then it turns towards the target referred to by the sender and the receiver antenna of the signal.

After reaching above the target center, the device will wrap in a circular motion that means the device confirmed the target.

The depth of the device reaches up to 1200 meters under the ground.

FRESH RESULT 1 SYSTEM device is one of the best German devices with the European CE certification according to international specifications in addition to the international ISO 9001 certificate.

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